A message from Christ


We wish to emphasise it is important to know that we are not to stand still but keep moving, so in truth the Ascension process never stops, it is a continual movement towards a higher state of mastery and leading to enlightenment.

There is to be a system of awareness present on earth by the year 2001 that will lead into a far different world at the end of the next millenium. The jewel of the Earth will be known in future times to be among the most advanced civilizations, instead of the least, and it will be a prized place to be, and we have only just begun on this ascended pathway we embark on now. It is important that we do not limit ourselves here, for many are ready to move beyond fifth dimensional consciousness and into the sixth or seventh and beyond, and indeed some have already found their place there who will be recognized now by their advanced level of knowing and being in the world. This advanced state of being will not be for just a few but for many, and the shift to the fifth dimensional awareness is only just beginning.

When one is fully through the doorway into the fifth dimensional living, there is a different outlook in place of how life is to be lived, and it is far removed from the old third dimensional living we have been accustomed to before. The same is true for the dimensions beyond the fifth where life takes on a different hue, and we begin to see ourselves as we truly are, the gods and goddesses who created this plane of evolution, and who are ready to regain knowledge of their true and whole selves and not just a part.

The term "evolutionary process" comes into a whole new meaning when one sees life on earth as it can be lived in its higher form, and what would seem to be miraculous before will be commonplace events in our everyday lives. This is not news to you who read these words, for you know your true purpose even though it is buried deep within you still, for you have chosen this time carefully - to be here at the beginning of the new time on earth. You gather together in groups now to support each other in your discovery of your true self purpose, and you are to be found in the everyday world quietly living your lives in the knowing there are better times to come, for this is a time of transition now and the emotional crises people still go through are rocking the daily events in the lives around you. The animals choose their time of leaving now to come back in a higher form, where they will be revered and welcomed into our lives and not used and abused as they have been before.

It is time to wake up and see the light that there is a deep transition happening when the lives of the animals are taken, not just a few, but many, for this changes the energy of the planet herself. This may seem a tragedy on the surface, but it is part of the plan to rewrite and revise the lessons that are to be learned here on this planet that will soon be seen as the jewel of the Universe of Love and Light.

It is time now to take up our swords, not to fight each other but to lay the old way of living to rest and move into the new. Our "swords" this time means our knowledge and our learning of the truth of who we are and our purpose for being here, and we do this by refusing to let our old way of living rule us, and our determination to remain true to the new way of living, with our hearts filled with love and not fear as they have in the past. The fear based existence must end, and we must join together to be united in this cause for peace and love in the world for it is time, and the time is now. By the end of the year 2001 we will be well on our way to achieving the goal of mastery of the fifth dimensional way of living and ready to move beyond, and this is what we have come to do, what we have been working for. It is time to start a whole new era of life on earth that will bring great joy in our lives.

This channelled message was received by Ann Thomas on March 18th 2001.

Messages from Christ and Sananda: